Washburn Student Bar Association

Washburn University School of Law

The Washburn Student Bar Association is a student chapter of the American Bar Association and serves as the governing body for law students at Washburn University School of Law.


Every Washburn law student is a Washburn Student Bar Association member.


The WSBA Executive Council is comprised of elected student representatives. Positions within WSBA’s Executive Council include:

(a) Executive Board comprised of the President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer;

(b) Bar Association representatives comprised of the American Bar Association Representative, the Kansas Bar Association Representative, and the Communications Officer;

(c) 6 Representatives-at-Large;

(d) 7 Class Section Representatives;

(e) 4 Non-voting members, whose positions matriculate into voting members: Asst. Treasurer, Jr. American Bar Association Representative, Jr. Kansas Bar Association Representative, Barristers’ Ball Chair



WSBA helps to create opportunities for Washburn law students by:

(1) allocating funding to WSBA-registered organizations;

(2) sponsoring various programs; and

(3) building relationships with the legal community, Topeka community, and other associations.



The WSBA Executive Council serves as the liasion between Washburn law students and our law school administration. The WSBA Executive Council’s duties include (but are not limited to):

(1) Serving as representatives for Washburn law students,

(2) Attending weekly meetings,

(3) Allocating funds to WSBA-registered organizations,

(4) Working with administration,

(5) Funding or sponsoring events, and

(6) Building relationships with other associations.



Business Law

Civil & Commercial


Trust, Wills & Probate


Family Law

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